Bright Spirit Descending

Beyond Words, Beyond Silence

The Novelizations by Nan Dibble


Commissioned by Cinemaker Press and approved by Republic before both vanished, these novelizations are based on certain episodes of Beauty and the scripted and as performed. In addition to trying to render the meanings and the impact of the episodes themselves, as scripted by the series' many fine writers, the books expand the scripts with substantial additional material--including such romantic interludes as Catherine inviting Vincent to lay his head in her lap, Vincent catching a drifting balloon for Catherine, and a picnic for two on the Outlook overlooking the Great Falls--to convert them into fullscale novels.

For instance:

No longer commercially available, these novelizations have been reissued by the author, Nan Dibble--a pro writer with 13 published books (not counting these) to her credit. Her book Plot, written under the pen name Ansen Dibell, has sold over 250,000 copies in 8 countries and been translated into 4 languages (French, German, Italian, and Korean)--available at is one of the best selling how-to-write books of all time.

Each of the B&B novelizations  has the original cover, by noted artist Kevin Barnes, and includes the interior art by Barb Gipson (in fact, Barb supplied a dozen of her original drawings for Beyond Words, Beyond Silence, only three of which were included in the book as originally published--so that's three times the art!). Beyond Words, Beyond Silence has a color cover; Bright Spirit Descending has a black and white cover rendered in sepia tones.

To learn more about and download Bright Spirit Descending (based on "The Alchemist" and "To Reign in Hell"), click here.

To learn more about and download Beyond Words, Beyond Silence (based on "What Rough Beast," "Ceremony of Innocence," and "The Rest Is Silence"--the "Trilogy" that ends Second Season), click here.